Her first years of music career

From a very young age, Ana Karina demonstrated a great passion for music. At the age of eight, she began her musical journey with piano, and years later she obtained a music professorship diploma from the Conservatorio América de Montevideo (Conservatory of music in Uruguary’s capital). During her adolescence, Ana Karina continued her music education at the Escuela Universitaria de Música de Montevideo (Montevideo’s University of Music), where she studied Musicology and specialized her piano and vocal technique with maestros Omar Naranjo and Vida Bastos respectively. Years later she continued her career in Buenos Aires at the Tango National Academy, and further in London with the soprano Beatriz Lozano.

Music Career in Uruguay

In 2001 Ana Karina formed the music band Summertime, where she sang covers of Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Sting, The Doors and the Rolling Stones.

In 2002, tango became a solid music choice in her career. She was invited to join the tango group Trio Sur, directed by the bandoneon master Miguel Angel Trillo, with whom she worked for a couple of years.

In 2004, Rossi initiates the music group Planeta Tango (Planet Tango) and releases her first album "Vidas vividas" (Lived Lives), which included original compositions such as “Burdel”.

Tango from Uruguay to the world

In 2005, she was invited by the Uruguayan Embassy in Italy to present a concert at the Teatro Marcello in Rome - the most ancient theatre of the Italian capital - and she became the first tango singer from Uruguay to perform in this historical site.

In 2006 she performs a second European tour and begins a rich artistic collaboration with Uruguayan pianist and composer Alberto Magnone. Magnone invites Rossi to join the jazz group Uy Trio, along with famous percussionist Jorge Trasante and base player Federico Righi, also from Uruguay.

In 2007 and 2008 she also presented a Tango performance at the International Spring Carnival of Beijing, China, and at the city of Taba on the Red Sea, Egypt.

In 2008 and 2009 she was the singer in the orchestra of the Argentinian bandoneonist Alfredo Marcucci.

In recent years, Rossi has collaborated with world-renowned musicians: Argentinians Gustavo Beytelmann, Miguel Angel Barcos, Natalio Mangalavite, Rudi Flores and Uruguayan Ciro Pérez.

Tango with Maestro Ferrer

In 2006, Ana Karina debuts with Uruguayan poet Horacio Ferrer, with the show "Nací en el Río de la Plata" (I was born in Rio de la Plata) in the Sala Zitarrosa of Montervideo, accompanied by Magnone in the piano.

In 2008, Rossi’s intense collaboration with Ferrer results in a unique duo concert at the Auditorium Parco de la Música in Rome, the biggest concert hall in the city.

In 2010, she sings with Ferrer during the ceremony of Premio Tenco at the Teatro del Porto in Genova, Italy.

In 2011, Rossi and Ferrer release the album "Tango y Gotan", where Ana Karina premiers four of Ferrer’s poetic pieces: "Tango y Gotan", "Tango ritual", "Los bailarines" y "La Rubia", and also features the classic hits of Ferrer with Astor Piazzolla: "Balada para un loco" and "Chiquilín de Bachin", interpreted by Ferrer and Rossi.

Awards and Recognitions

Entitled Talent of National Interest by the Uruguayan government
Awarded prize by Uruguayan government for outstanding performance in the category of musical expression.

Ana Karina receives the recognition of Primer Premio a la “Donna Immigrata nella società romana” (First prize to a female immigrant in Roman society) at the Campidoglio of Rome, in response to her input to the cultural life of the city and its habitants.

Music, Theatre, Radio, TV and Film in Europe and Latin America

In 2008, Ana Karina moves to Rome, where she was invited to participate in Italian theatre and TV.

In 2011, she participated as a singer in the Italian TV program "Io, Chiara e lo scuro" (Me, Chiara and the osbsure) conducted by Chiara Gamberale.

In 2011, Rossi releases her third album, "Geografias: homenaje a los poetas del Tango" (Geographies: homage to the tango poets), under the direction of Italian composer Federico Ferrandina.

This same year, she produces her first videoclip "Tango y Gotan", shot in París.

In 2012, she records the album "Aller-Retour" in Buenos Aires.

This same year 2012, she writes and produces the videoclip "Sur", shot in Rome.

Theatre work as actress and singer

"Dal vapore ti scrivo"
"Se dice de mi"
"Maria de Buenos Aires" - Temporada 2010 Teatro Greco de Taormina, Sicilia.

"Tango Dream" - Project UE (European Union)
"Glass, trasparenze opalescenti" - Project UE (European Union)
"Il tempo di una sigaretta"

"Milonga Merini"
"Piazzolla, el luchador"
"Thalassa... Stay Human" - Project Archeos

"Tangamente" (lead role) - Teatro Stabile d'Innovazione

"Dandy: un Hamlet del Carnaval" (lead role) - Auditorio Nacional Adela Reta (Montevideo)

Other special events

Olympics event - Manchester, UK
Ana Karina is invited by the Uruguayan government to sing in the welcome ceremony of the Uruguayan Football Team, which participated in the London Olympic Games.

Human Rights – Italy
She sings with renowned Argentinian actress, Luisa Kuliok, in remembrance and awareness of the disappeared victims from the Argentinian military dictatorship in Cono Sur.

2013 Tribute Concert to Literature Nobel prize nominee, Horacio Ferrer.
She sings at the historically renonwed first opera house of Montevideo, Theatre Solis, to commemorate the octongenarian anniversary of the prestigious and most celebrated Tango poet alive. Ferrer is also famously recognized as Astor Piazzolla's poet.